SMUSD Policies


The San Marcos Unified School District offers equal educational and employment opportunities regardless of sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin or disability. The Title IX Coordinator is Bill Singh, Director of Human Resources and Development, (760) 752-1242.

Sexual Harassment

It is the policy of the San Marcos Unified School District, in keeping with efforts to establish and maintain an environment in which the dignity and worth of all members of our district are respected, that sexual harassment of students and employees is unacceptable conduct and will not be tolerated.

Safe and Drug Free Environment

Our goal is to provide a safe and drug free environment for all our students. We actively enforce our school district's "Zero Tolerance" policy. Students who attempt to bring drugs, alcohol, or weapons to school may be arrested by the sheriff, suspended from school, or expelled for up to one full year.

Tobacco Free Environment

The staff of Discovery Elementary School recognizes the health hazards related to the use of tobacco, including the breathing of second-hand smoke. We are a "tobacco-free" school, which means we do not allow smoking in the classrooms or on the campus at any time. In addition, we provide educational information to our students through classroom instruction and activities. Our school has information available about programs that support adults who desire to stop smoking.

Notice of Pesticides Applications
To review the San Marcos Unified School District  Notice of Pesticides Application use the provided link.