Volunteer Guidelines

The following volunteer guidelines are based on SMUSD Board Policy, Communication 1240 and 1250. It is our sincere desire to make each family a part of our school, feel welcome on campus, and included in all aspects. The following are guidelines to ensure that all of our students are safe at school. Our district encourages parents, legal guardians, and other community members to volunteer at our schools. Volunteering must be scheduled and approved by the teacher or administration. Volunteers are limited to no more than twice a week for one hour at a time in the classroom. 

Below are important policies that must be followed while volunteering: 

  • Volunteers must check into Ident-A-Kid each time they enter campus.

  • Volunteers must wear their Ident-A-Kid sticker at all times when on campus.

  • Volunteers must follow and support the policies and rules of the school. 

  • Volunteers must respect and maintain the confidentiality of matters that occur within the school. Please do not discuss a student with others. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. If you have a concern about any issue, contact the teacher privately to protect students’ privacy rights.

  • Volunteers should expect children to treat you with respect. Students who are disrespectful or disobey a school rule should be reported to the classroom teacher.  Volunteers are not permitted to discipline students.

  • Volunteers must remain in the area for which they are volunteering. Volunteers are not permitted to attend recess, lunch, or specialties classes.

  • Volunteers must attend strictly to the duties for which they have volunteered. Volunteers should not use this time on campus to monitor the classroom or inquire about students’ progress with the teacher. 

  • Volunteers’ dress and grooming should be suitable for the public school setting. 

  • Other children are not permitted to accompany volunteers on campus. 

  • Children are not permitted in the staff workroom or lounge at anytime. 

  • Volunteers’ personal electronic devices must be changed to silent or vibrate while on campus. Shall a electronic personal device need to be used, volunteers should step out of the classroom. 

  • If unable to attend a scheduled volunteer day, please notify the teacher in advance.

Guidelines for volunteers on campus during COVID-19 are limited to “Essential Volunteers”.  COVID-19 positive case rates on campus will continue to be monitored throughout the school year and “essential volunteers” may be restricted during times when there is an impact to safety on campus. When deemed safe, “Essential Volunteers” will be allowed to volunteer in the classrooms. In order to ensure the safety of all staff and students on campus, “Essential Volunteers” during the pandemic must show proof of vaccination, follow all on campus safety protocols, and follow the additional policies listed below. 

Additional policies that must be followed related to “Essential Volunteers”: 

  • Volunteers must be pre-approved by the classroom teacher.

    • Only one volunteer will be allowed in the classroom at a time.

  • Volunteers must schedule in advance the day and time of their visit with the classroom teacher.

    • Teachers will communicate with the Discovery office via a Volunteer Calendar. Any volunteer not on the calendar will not be permitted to enter campus.

  • Volunteers must provide proof of vaccination status upon their arrival on campus.

  • Volunteers must complete COVID-19 Health Screening in office each time they enter campus.

  • Volunteers must check into Ident-A-Kid each time they enter campus.

  • Volunteers must wear their Ident-A-Kid sticker at all times when on campus.

  • Volunteers must follow all COVID-19 policies, as listed in the Discovery Community Handbook, when on campus, including wearing a face covering.

  • Volunteers must maintain a safe physical distance from students, six feet when applicable.

*Administration may make changes to these policies during the year, so please check with them for the most current policy.

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