Birthday Books Program

Celebrate a birthday by donating a book or gift card to the Discovery School Library!

It's a great way to remember special milestones. Birthday book donors are called up during a Friday Pep Rally so that the entire student body can thank them for their donation and celebrate their special day. The books are then placed in the library for regular checkout. Books can be brought into the office, library, or classroom.

Any appropriate book donation will be accepted. However, in order to help extend the books shelf life, there are a few guidelines to help you make your choice.


  • Hardback books will last significantly longer
  • Oversized books do not hold up under the love of children
  • Pop ups, fold-outs, and other non traditional formats don't last
  • Books must be age appropriate for our K-5 students
  • Mrs Silva is happy to talk with you about your birthday book

(760) 290-2049


- Dinosaur Vs. The Library, by Bob Shea

- Steve Raised by Wolves, by Jared Chapman

- The Doll People Set Sail by Ann Martin