Residency Verification for 19/20 School Year

Residency Verification for 19/20 School Year
residency verificationResidency Verification is required each year.

At least ONE document from EACH category is required. Documentation must show the name and address of the parent/guardian and must be dated and current (within 60 days) (Board Policy 5111/1).

Bring a document from: Category One
  • Current Property tax statement or payment receipts, mortgage statement or payment receipts.
  • Current Rental Property contract, lease, or payment receipts that have your name, date, and must be dated within the last two months (60 days) of your verification date.
  • Escrow papers for new home
  • And bring a document from: Category Two
    Current Utility Service contract, statement or payment receipts (water, electric, trash or cable). Phone/Mobile phone contracts are not accepted.
  • Current pay stubs with address
  • Voter registration
  • Current correspondence from a government agency
  • Affidavit or residency executed by the student's parent or legal guardian of the pupil.