New Student TK-5 Online Registration for 20/21

NEW Student TK-5 Registration for 2020-2021
Online Registration

**This process is only for students that will be new to Discovery next school year. Current students do not need to complete this process. **

Online Registration is open for NEW TK-5 students for the 2020-2021 school year. Please follow the steps below to complete your online registration.

We encourage you to register your child as soon as possible to help us determine our facility needs for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Steps For Online Registration:

1. Complete the Discovery Enrollment Forms Request.

2. Office Staff will verify your address and email you instructions for online student registration through Synergy ParentVUE.

3. Complete the Online Student Registration.

4. Registration information will be reviewed by office staff and updates on the status will be communicated through Synergy ParentVUE.


1. Proof of Residency: All students enrolling in San Marcos schools are required to present two documents (listed below) as proof of residency within the specified attendance area of the San Marcos Unified School District. If you reside with someone and utilities are not in your name, then a notarized Affidavit of Residence by a Notary Public is required along with two appropriate documents.

1. Mortgage or Lease Agreement and 2. Utilities Bill

2. Birth Certificate


3. Immunization Records: State law requires that an immunization document be completed. NOTE: Children must be fully immunized even if they are not yet five years old in order to start in August, 2020.

4. Health Physical Examination:  If your child has a physical prior to February, 2019 a second physical will be necessary prior to entry into the 1st grade. If you are unable to obtain a health check up prior to registration, written proof of an appointment from a physician is required. 

5. Dental Health Assessment: California law, Education Code Section 4945.8, now requires that your child have an oral assessment (dental check up) by their first day of class in school. Dental assessments completed up to 12 months before your child enters school also meet this requirement. If you are unable to obtain a dental check up prior to registration, written proof of an appointment from a dentist is required.